Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2021!

Here’s hoping next year will be one of hope for everyone in the music industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic and health restrictions have brought about economic disaster in the live entertainment sector – in particular world music – the like of which we have never seen, the end of which is not yet clearly defined.  This worldwide turmoil has given rise to new challenges and shed light on the absolute need for solidarity for everyone working in the current cultural landscape : artists, producers, distributors, tour managers, programmers, venues big and small, the media, public and private organisations – every link in the chain has been hit hard in 2020 and what the future holds in 2021 is far from certain.

In a climate which prevents professionals and international artists from travelling and where it is impossible for audiences to enjoy performances in the best conditions we have had to postpone BABEL MUSIC XP, which was planned for 25 – 27 March 2021 in Marseille.

We are now looking at proposed future dates with our partners and planning for BABEL MUSIC XP whilst staying true to the spirit of the event – a combination of a trade fair and a festival accessible to all.
We shall keep you posted on this as early in the year as we can, as so many events looked as though they would go ahead, changed and were then cancelled in the end. It would seem premature for us to announce new dates at this point.

That said, the BEFORE event on the 26 & 27 November, which was redesigned and turned into an interactive online platform, showed the wealth of interest around BABEL MUSIC XP. Over 850 participants took part and commented on the 13 online Round Tables – a  resounding success – which demonstrated the essential need for us to come together and envisage ways of getting the sector back on its feet.

In order to organise an international professional trade fair in Marseille and look to the future with confidence, we must nevertheless ensure we can guarantee the right conditions for the welcome participants deserve and, at the very least, exposure for the event which although infeasible now, we are pinning our hopes on for 2021.

In terms of the selection of musicians for BABEL MUSIC XP 2021, the jury got together this autumn to listen to the projects that had been submitted (1,300 applications from 5 continents). Given the current situation, the final selection will be disclosed once new dates for BABEL MUSIC XP have been confirmed and that will be as soon as possible.

BABEL MUSIC XP is the epitome of an event essential for the economic relaunch of the sector, for the support of its major actors and, crucially, for the promotion of diversity in musical creation.


Let’s keep in touch and take care of yourselves in 2021.


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